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Tooth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is completely safe, and is a very popular treatment to brighten up your smile.

The special whitening gel uses carbamide peroxide as the primary ingredient to brighten your smile and is readily used by millions of people worldwide. Special teeth whitening trays are custom made and “at home” kits provided whereby the tooth whitening process can be done at a convenient time and in the comfort of your home.

You can expect results quickly. However, to obtain the optimum natural whiteness of your teeth, we recommend that you use the home kits every day for 2 weeks.

This provides the whitening solution suitable for most patients.

We also offer tailor made whitening solutions for patients who have more complex problems such as tetracycline staining or have one tooth which is darker than the rest.

All the treatment is carried out by dental professionals registered with the General Dental Council.

It is the view of the General Dental Council that those not qualified and registered with them should not carry out such treatment.

Furthermore, many systems used in beauty salons contain chemicals that can permanently damage the enamel of teeth.

All the systems we use have been researched and found to be safe.


20% off tooth whitening for all new patients who register before 31st July , 2015.











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