Private options


Private treatment options

What is Private Dentistry ?

Some items of treatment are not available under the NHS.

For example, tooth whitening or white fillings in back teeth.

Being treated on a private basis allows your dentist to spend more time on each visit and to use the best possible materials and equipment.


In selected situations tooth coloured fillings are available.These are an ideal, minimally invasive and cosmetic option to restore dental cavities in back teeth.


If the dental cavity is too extensive for a tooth coloured filling to be placed, then the provision of an inlay may be advised.

An inlay is generally a ceramic filling which has been custom made in a dental laboratory, which is then bonded in to place using the latest generation of bonding systems available.

Inlays are long lasting, durable and blend with the surrounding tooth tissue to become virtually invisible.


Here at EK Dental we can offer a gentle yet effective way to brighten your smile in just one visit.

Air Polish applies a jet of air, water and sodium bicarbonate to the surface of your teeth, gently removing day to day staining from tobacco, tea, coffee etc.

This will restore your teeth to their natural brightness and shine.

We offer this amazing treatment in conjunction with a full dental hygiene session, meaning that not only will your teeth look brighter and whiter, they will also have been thoroughly cleaned and checked by an experienced dental professional.